“Thick Sock Blues”

Sometimes a songwriter, upon overhearing a great turn-of-phrase, will say to herself, “I’m going to build me a song around that!”

It happened like this:

Steve and I visited the West Side for the weekend. Following an afternoon hike on Vashon, we had made plans to venture into Seattle for dinner.

Back at the car, as he prepared to change into his dress shoes from his hiking shoes, Steve whined: “Oh, no! I’ve got thick socks on for my thin sock shoes!”

Immediately I gave him a big smile. “That sounds like a blues song!”

“Thick Sock Blues” is popular with adults who easily can relate to the experience. I had a children’s audience in mind, however, when I wrote the lyrics. I was cooking at the time, running back and forth from stove to notebook when a good line would surface in my mind. As Madeleine L’Engle (a favorite author) reminds us, great children’s literature appeals to every age.

I refined “Thick Sock Blues” in my car on road trips, which is where and when I make most of my revisions to a melody. I find that being on the road, away from the demands of my home environment, frees me up to be playful.

In 2015 I performed “Thick Sock Blues” with the Randy Battle Bluz Band at various festivals and venues in the North Okanogan. What a fantastic opportunity and experience to have “TSB” realized to its fullest potential, including backup vocal harmonies!

Ladies and Gentlemen: I give you the “Thick Sock Blues.”

Stay tuned for audio clip!