“The Frying Pan”

Some years back I attended a songwriting workshop with singer/songwriter/artist Jan Krist at the Grünewald Guild. Jan’s workshops are creative, heart-and-soul goodness mixed with belly-aching laughter … and there is always chocolate involved.

For our first assignment on this particular day, Jan asked us to pick a spot on the beautiful campus of the Guild and journal for 20 minutes. I chose a beach chair near Liz’s garden overlooking the rhubarb and raspberries. As I listened to the scene, a memory stirred: Liz had once tole me she was afraid of the garter snakes in her garden that startled her during her weeding. So I waxed philosophical for 20 minutes about nature and fear and life.

Back in the studio, Jan pulled out an origami fortune teller – you know, the kind where you write on the folds and use your thumbs and index fingers to open and close the fortune teller, counting out your path to the next choice. Based on our choices, Jan and her fortune teller predicted the genre, time signature and subject of our next song. My destiny was to compose a country song in 4/4 time about a child I knew.

Returning to my journal entry about the garden, I found my story line. Then I drew on my love of traditional American folk songs like “Clementine,” “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” and “The Arkansas Traveller” to craft “The Frying Pan,” a playful parody of a country song.

In 2015 I had the opportunity to sing and perform with the Randy Battle Bluz Band at various festivals and venues in the North Okanogan. This accomplished band of musicians put a spin on “The Frying Pan” that fulfilled my wildest dreams!

Stay tuned for audio clip!