“Dimity Duck”

In college I learned about Zoltán Kodály, “a visionary teacher, composer and philosopher” who “developed a philosophy of music education based on the radical idea of universal music literacy.” Being influenced by his ideas, I decided to compose music for “Dimity Duck” based on the major pentatonic scale F-G-A-C-D-F, which is common to folk music and children’s songs.

“Dimity Duck waddles” and so does Jane Yolen’s text, which sings to a steady marching rhythm that is perfect for sturdy little legs. Ms. Yolen’s language is playful, using reduplicated words to describe Dimity Duck’s tail (“wiggle-waggle,” “niddy-noddy,” etc.) as Dimity goes about her daily activities. The appearance of Dimity’s friend Frumity Frog at the pond heightens the drama and play.

I enjoyed discovering ways of creating a sense of their friendship and play through music, suggesting dialogue and interaction between Dimity and Frumity while maintaining a musical simplicity for young ears.

Dimity Duck is currently out of print.

“Dimity Duck”
(Excerpt of synthesized recording, music only)

Cover image of Dimity Duck by Jane Yolen